debugmusic: Dire Dire Docks, a Mario Classic

When it comes to debugging your mind, listening to music is perhaps one of the most effective debuggers. The right music can submerge your mind in a cool, refreshing lyric pool and help you better take stock of the world around you. As such, I’ve decided to package my favorite music into blog posts through debugmusic, a soon-to-be recurring feature that highlights exemplary musical pieces from movies, video games, and really anything else.

In order to inaugurate debugmusic, I’d like to share a classic piece from my childhood: “Dire Dire Docks,” from Super Mario 64. As soon as that magical music starts playing, I’m transported back to my couch in Redwood City—I can see the 3-year-old me directing Mario through the watery depths of Jolly Roger Bay, only to discover that frightening, giant eel. Whether you’re a Mario fan or not, it’s hard not to appreciate the Dire Dire Docks theme. Take a listen:

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