Half Xbox 360, Half PC: The God of Gaming Computers has Arrived

Origin PC has combined the best of both worlds with its Big O gaming rig, which is part liquid-cooled Xbox 360 and part PC, and costs up to $16,999.

Origin PC has defiantly rejected the notion that PC gaming is dead by releasing its monstrosity of a computer, the Big O.

The starting model of this saliva-inducing machine includes dual Nvida GTX480 graphics cards (liquid-cooled), 6GB of Corsair memory, dual 50GB SSDs, a 1500 watt power supply, a Rampage III Extreme motherboard (liquid-cooled), an i7 930 processor overclocked to 4.o GHz (liqui-cooled), and an Xbox 360 (liquid-cooled, of course).

Don’t get too excited just yet — this Big O computer will cost you $7,699.¬†And that’s the cheapest model. A fully decked-out Big O costs nearly $17,000. read more »