LimeWire is Dead, but Piracy Lives On

Federal judge Kimba Wood issued a permanent injunction on LimeWire in an Oct. 26 case. The music industry, however, ought to adopt a different approach to discourage piracy. Photo by Akshay Agrawal.

The lime has been squeezed, pulped, and tossed. LimeWire cannot be juiced any longer.

On Oct. 26, federal judge Kimba Wood of New York’s southern district court issued a permanent injunction on LimeWire that directs the company to stop supporting its software, primarily on the grounds that the company encouraged copyright infringement. While LimeWire did harass the music industry, eradicating the company’s software outright will not achieve the Recording Industry Association of America’s goal of curbing piracy. Technology is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of the people. If the music industry wants to survive, it needs to do the same. read more »