Video: Salman Khan Speaks at Monta Vista High, Elaborates on Educational Philosophy

On Jan. 6, students enrolled in Monta Vista (my high school) were graced by the presence of Salman Khan; no, not the Bollywood actor, but the founder of Khan Academy, a website hosting thousands of educational videos on nigh all high school subjects, and a few collegiate-level ones, too. As a reporter (as well as news editor and webmaster) for El Estoque, Monta Vista’s student news website, I scrambled with my fellow co-workers and assembled two videos covering Khan’s visit. The first video, located directly below, highlights snippets of Khan’s speech on his not-for-profit educational venture.

After his speech, I, along with a few other reporters, sat Khan down for an in-depth interview about his opinions concerning the current state of education and his reformatory ideas on how to improve it.

Both videos were originally published on and have been shared under a Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license. I posed questions to Khan during the video interview and, along with Kevin Tsukii, compiled and edited the footage for both videos. Footage was filmed by Carissa Chan, Christophe Haubursin, Nona Penner and Lisa Zhang. Additional reporting was done by Aafreen Mahmood.

Moving with the Times: Tools for a Web Journalist

Some journalists lament the shift from print to online for the loss of creativity that they perceive accompanies it — articles, they fear, will be reduced to text chucked onto a page without further thought. But that needn’t be the case; reporters can use the web medium to add extra dimensions of interactivity and design to their works, while using tools that subtly yet significantly transform the journalistic process.

Robert Hernandez' interactive webpage allows you to explore a variety of tools for web journalism. As journalism becomes more web-centric, it's important that reporters learn to utilize the tools at their disposal.

Earlier this year, at the JEA Anaheim convention, Robert Hernandez, assistant professor at USC Annenberg, showcased an assortment of tools for the web journalist. read more »