Review: Google+, Reinvigorating the Social Scene

Google+ is Google's latest venture into social networking. With innovative features like Circles and Hangouts, Google+ ought to be considered a veritable contender in the social networking scene.

The term “social networking” typically elicits thoughts of the behemoth that is Facebook—with a surplus of 750 million users, Facebook is undoubtedly the king of the social realm. A challenger to Facebook’s throne, however, has emerged in the form of Google+. Equipped with multiple unique features and packaged in a sleek interface, Google’s service has entered the social scene well-armed. read more »

Preview: Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook

The Cr-48 showcases Google's Chrome OS, an operating system designed around cloud computing. Chrome OS may be ahead of its time, as cloud computing remains in its nascent stages.

‘Twas a dreary evening, and dozens of developers were dozing off while a dull fellow droned on about HTML5. Yet all of a sudden, a single sentence from a previously inconspicuous Google representative brought a spark to the attendees’ eyes (including those of my father): “Free Chrome OS Laptops!”

With that anecdotal tidbit established, it’s time to take a look at Google’s Chrome OS Laptop, the Cr-48. The Cr-48 is a pre-beta pilot intended to showcase Google’s Chrome OS, an operating system built for those that dwell in the web. Google’s idea of a cloud-centric laptop is novel, but its bare-bones simplification may alienate potential consumers. read more »