Q&A with Intel Fellow Dr. Bell

I recently participated in a Q&A with Dr. Genevieve Bell, cultural anthropologist and Intel Fellow, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. After the event, I felt that I still had a few questions that were left unanswered, so I sent her an email. My questions and her answers are as follows:

Q: As a student interested in computer science and software development, what trends should I be aware of, both currently and for the next decade?


  • The fact that the internet is changing dramatically – it is no longer died to a single platform or device. The web is changing too – both because of those new devices and because what we want has changed
  • More mobile applications, more video/media content, less text
  • More issues with security, authenticity and reliability read more »

The World on Her Shoulders

When Dr. Genevieve Bell begun working at Intel, she was told that she would be in charge of two things: Women and ROW.

ROW? Rest of World.

In spite (or perhaps because) of this enormous responsibility on her shoulders, Bell went on to attain the title of Intel Fellow. Director of Intel’s Interaction and Experience Research Division, Bell is an anthropologist that studies how different cultures experience technology.

On August 19, Bell participated in a Q&A with a small group of high school students, myself included. The event, named “Talking to the Future,” was hosted at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. With an enthusiastic voice, a large sprinkle of humor, and an endearing Australian accent, Bell discussed her career and divulged her technological insights.

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