Students nominate their Homecoming Court

Class of 2011 Homecoming Court members Elaine Tang, Brianna Zimmers, Angeline Chen, Timur Mertol and Jordan Lim wait as the rest of the court arrives onto the Cupertino High School football field. This year’s Homecoming King and Queen will be announced during halftime at the Oct. 14 Homecoming football game at Fremont High School. Photo by Kevin Tsukii.

It’s that time of year again. Among other Homecoming traditions, students are nominating their Homecoming King and Queen.

Organized by the Civics commission, the process for selecting the Homecoming King and Queen consists of two parts: nominations, which are restricted to senior voters, followed by a round of voting open to the entire student body.

Nominations are already underway. Up until Sept. 25, seniors can log onto the online ballot and nominate 10 senior boys and 10 senior girls as prospective kings and queens. The 40 seniors—20 boys and 20 girls—that garner the most nominations will then be declared nominees.

From Sept. 27-30, students from all grades will have the opportunity to vote for their Homecoming Court, which will consist of six males and six females.

The Homecoming King and Queen — the male and female seniors that earned the most votes in the second round of voting — will be announced during halftime at the Oct. 14 Homecoming football game at Fremont High School. Because of the renovations to the FHS track, the Homecoming Court will not take their traditional car loop around the football field. Civics commission is currently brainstorming alternatives.

“We have a couple [of ideas],” Civics commissioner senior Deepti Menon said, “but I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. It’s a surprise.”

Check back on on Monday, Sept. 26 for an announcement of the 40 nominees. While logging into the ballot, be sure to enter only the last two digits of your birth year.

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