STAR Scores Reveal Improvement

Students often claim that they view the Standardized Testing and Reporting test with disdain and indifference; however, a glance at the 2010 STAR test results suggests otherwise. The STAR test is a statewide standardized exam that is administered to students, grades two to eleven, who attend California public schools. MVHS STAR scores for 2010 increased in every category, with more students scoring “proficient” or “advanced” than in 2009.

STAR test scores improved from the previous year. API scores for 2010 are yet to be released. Photo illustration by Akshay Agrawal.

The history section experienced the biggest jump in performance, with a 3.5 percent rise in scores above the proficient level. The number of students scoring at least proficient in math and science increased by two percent, while that of English-Language Arts rose by one percent.

According to Assistant Principal Brad Metheany, this rise in scores can be attributed to three main factors: motivated students, motivating teachers and a supportive community.

The STAR test is one of the main factors that influences the Academic Performance Index, or API, which serves as an indicator for a school’s academic performance. MVHS currently has a 2009 base API score of 935 out of 1000, the highest in the district and 10 points higher than that of Lynbrook High School, to which it is often compared.

Of all the schools in FUHSD, LHS came the closest to matching MVHS STAR scores. MVHS outperformed LHS in every category of the test except mathematics, albeit by a slim margin; the effect of these scores on the 2010 API remains to be seen.