Future of Winter Ball Uncertain

Despite efforts to minimize losses, ASB incurred an estimated deficit between $8,000 and $9,000 from Winter Ball sales. The unprofitability of Winter Ball has caused ASB to contemplate moving the dance on-campus. Photo by Jackie Barr.

There was a time when Winter Ball attracted flocks of students, all anticipating an elegant, lavish formal. Then student attendance began to dwindle, and since 2002, the dance has become increasingly unprofitable. This year, ASB estimates that it has lost over $8,000.

In order to improve its finances, the school is considering to implement multiple changes to next year’s Winter Ball—the dance will likely be moved on-campus or may be eliminated altogether.

ASB attempted to revive interest in Winter Ball this year—bids were sold at lower prices than previous years and the event was promoted extensively. More Winter Ball bids were sold this year than last, yet ASB did not reach its projected sales goal.

The deficit created by Winter Ball this year has spurred ASB to rethink future Winter Balls. In particular, the school is contemplating to have the dance on-campus because much of the losses entailed are the result of booking expensive venues.

“Now, we see that MVHS doesn’t necessarily care to have [Winter Ball] at such a formal place that’s so expensive,” ASB Social Manager Yeshar Hadi said. “They might just prefer to have it in the gym, and we would just do all the decorations there and have it be $15.”

Yet some students are opposed to hosting the dance at MVHS, including junior Avery Hua.

“Having the dance in the gym wouldn’t give off the right mood for a formal dance,” Hua said. “I think an off-campus venue is necessary.”

Nonetheless, Hadi stated that there is almost a 100 percent guarantee that the dance will be on-campus. ASB is also considering more drastic measures. The school may also decide to merge Winter Ball with another dance such as Blue Pearl, or cut the dance completely.

The aforementioned changes to Winter Ball remain tentative, but it is certain that the dance will be altered in some manner.

“The Winter Ball is just not servicing as many students,” AP Secretary Deb Mandac said. “The elected ASB officers are looking into finding new alternatives to see what would be something that the new population of MVHS would really enjoy.”

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