Class Office Winners Announced

After three days of voting, the student body have elected their class officers.

Class of 2012:
President: Peter Choi
Vice President: Craig Boman
Secretary: Ryan Chui
Treasurer: Anant Singhania
Social Manager: Karishma Mehrotra

Class of 2013:
President: Cathy Ang
Vice President: Nikitas Kanellakopoulos
Secretary: Britni Chon
Treasurer: Thomas Barber
Social Manager: Hadar Sachs
IDC Representative: Arnon Karnkaeng

Class of 2014:
President: Marisa Yang
Vice President: Leon Chen
Secretary: Sriya Srinath
Treasurer: Timmy Kuo
Social Manager: Colin Kim

50 percent of 2012 voted, 49 percent of 2013 voted, and 67 percent of 2014 voted.

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