ASB Releases Homecoming Score Sheets

Until recently, the scoring process of Homecoming appeared to be shrouded by a veil of mystery—students had no knowledge of the components that influenced class standings. The release of the Homecoming score sheets aims to change that.

On Oct. 12, Dean of Students Denae Moore posted the Homecoming score sheets on School Loop on behalf of the ASB officers. The documents provide a breakdown of the scoring process of the Homecoming events that contributed to each class’ standing.

The Homecoming score sheets break down the scoring process for events such as Powderpuff and the rally. By releasing these sheets, ASB aims to better inform students about the inner workings of Homecoming. Screenshot from Homecoming Point Totals.

ASB social manager Yeshar Hadi cited transparency as the primary reason that the scores were released.

“We like to encourage the whole ‘we love our school’ spirit…[but] a lot of people were complaining [about class standings],” Hadi said. “We don’t want people to think we’re trying to rig anything.”

The final score that classes received for each activity was determined by a group of judges, who scored the classes based on certain rubrics. According to Dean of Students Michael Hicks, judges were arbitrarily chosen.

“It’s very random,” Hicks said. “We’ll ask teachers, we’ll ask staff members, maybe someone who walks by, ‘Hey…do you want to judge Friday’s rally?’”

Nonetheless, some students, such as junior Ben Yang, believe that the judging process was too subjective.

“I can’t point fingers…but you can’t help feel that the judges were not objective,” Yang said. “There’s a little bit of bias in the scores.”

Yang suggested that ASB should communicate with the judges to ensure that they remain disinterested.

Despite his misgivings regarding the judging process, Yang thinks positively of ASB’s decision to publish the score sheets. The documents cleared several misconceptions he held regarding Homecoming standings.

The Homecoming Point totals can be viewed here.