Why study computer science?

The World of Programming

A nifty, if not exhaustive, infographic on the history of computer programming. Infographic by Adit Gupta of Smashing Magazine.

Think of something you’re interested in. Chances are, whatever you’re thinking of is somehow connected to computers. Do you enjoy video games, or perhaps animated movies? Computer science backs the animation engines behind the two. Cars? Computer science allows for assisted parking and even automated driving. Shakespeare? Computer science helped determine which works he truly authored. Shopping? Computer science enables the buzzing virtual fashion and e-commerce scene. Medicine, phones, social networks, Google search — the list goes on.

Computers pervade modern day society. With so many problems that need solving (an interesting aside: Stanford lecturer Keith Schwarz tells us that it’s been mathematically proven, via Cantor’s theorem, that there exist infinitely more problems than can be solved computationally), the world needs as many computer scientists as it can get. We celebrate our computer scientists — just look at Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak.

The best part? Computer science is fun. As a programmer, you’ll have at your fingertips the ability to create something live, right in front of your eyes. Bit by bit, you’ll piece together an application, elegantly and meticulously crafting it until you arrive at your end-product. When you launch it, and everything works, you’ll feel oh-so-satisfied; you’ll probably have a big ol’ grin on your face, too.

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