debugmusic: Zelda Reorchestrated

While I may not have time to fulfill my nostalgic urges to revisit Hyrule by playing Skyward Sword, I can at least listen to old Zelda tunes at Zreo Music offers on-demand streaming of faithfully recreated and subtly mixed MIDI Zelda scores.

Between scholastic obligations and extracurricular activities, it’s been difficult for me to find the time to play video games these days. And even if my Winter Break has allowed for intermittent bursts of Skyrim and Arkham City, I still haven’t gotten the chance to plop down on my couch for a good hour or five and really immerse myself in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The urge to do so became particularly compelling last night. During the two hours I spent at the Cupertino Coffee Society working on journalism, my ears were treated to throwback Zelda classics, including the Hyrule score and “Saria’s Theme”, in addition to Mario 64 tunes like “Inside the Castle Walls” (the owners of the cafĂ© must be Nintendo fans!).

But I can’t rely on Coffee Society every time a wave of Hyurlean nostalgia washes over me; for that, there’s Zelda Reochestrated, an ambitious recreation and archive of Zelda musical themes that can be streamed on demand. The name, unfortunately, is a bit misleading: The tracks are MIDI’s, although the team has been working on a fully reorchestrated Twilight symphony, for what seems like (or perhaps really is) ages. Regardless, the scores do sound impressive and conjure, at least for me, childhood memories of braving the oceans in Wind Waker, or swimming through the depths of Lake Hylia. And so, while I may not have the time to play Skyward Sword and create new memories, reliving old ones through music seems like the next best thing.

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