My Tower of Video Games is Taller than I am

Just in case any of you were wondering about my gaming qualifications. The tower measured 7'4'' high. Note: my stack did not include my N64 nor GameBoy games due to safety issues.

My gaming hobby towers above nearly everything else in my life—quite literally. Last Friday, I assembled a 7’4” stack of my too-many-to-count video games. In order to possess such a large collection of video games, I had to start collecting them at an early age.

It all started when I was three years old, when my dad took me to Toys “R” Us. Waddling around the store, I browsed through the aisles until an action figure or some other toy (I can’t recall which) caught my eye. I grabbed the toy and, jumping up and down, begged my dad to buy it for me. Yet he had other plans—my father was intent on purchasing a Nintendo 64 for me. I told him I didn’t want the gaming machine; all I wanted was the toy. Always looking out for me, my dad reprimanded me for my lack of interest in electronic entertainment and bought the system anyway. Thus, my love for video games was born.

Since that fateful day, I have acquired a Game Boy Color, a Game Boy Advance, a GameCube, a DS, a Wii, a PS3, and an XBOX 360 (and, of course, a gaming PC). I play video games when time permits, and primarily game on my PS3 and 360.

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