Half Xbox 360, Half PC: The God of Gaming Computers has Arrived

Origin PC has combined the best of both worlds with its Big O gaming rig, which is part liquid-cooled Xbox 360 and part PC, and costs up to $16,999.

Origin PC has defiantly rejected the notion that PC gaming is dead by releasing its monstrosity of a computer, the Big O.

The starting model of this saliva-inducing machine includes dual Nvida GTX480 graphics cards (liquid-cooled), 6GB of Corsair memory, dual 50GB SSDs, a 1500 watt power supply, a Rampage III Extreme motherboard (liquid-cooled), an i7 930 processor overclocked to 4.o GHz (liqui-cooled), and an Xbox 360 (liquid-cooled, of course).

Don’t get too excited just yet — this Big O computer will cost you $7,699. And that’s the cheapest model. A fully decked-out Big O costs nearly $17,000.

Take a look at these specs — the price is well justified.

Click to enlarge.

If you’ve got some serious dough (or just want to develop an inferiority complex), head over to Origin PC’s website and read more about the Big O.

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